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Yes, we know the time is fast and we often look for recipes on the internet. But you certainly have a few that you come back to again and again because they are part of the family tradition, or you simply love and prepare around.

Proven culinary gems deserve to have a firm place! If you write them down in this unique wooden recipe notebook, you will never see them again and they will become part of your family archive, which will win for years.

The perfect gift for wife, mom, sister, all housewives and gourmets.

The perfect thing is that you can have it made according to your ideas - for example, with your own text and dedication.


B6 (18.5x16cm)
A5 (23x19.5cm)
A4 (35x23cm)

Number of pages:

B6 90 sheets (90g)
A5 70 sheets (120g)
A4 70 sheets (100g)

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This beautiful and handmade Recipe Book is created for everybody in the kitchen. It has special designed recipe pages for easy and comfortable usage. You may personalize the cover with any images or add the name of the cook, which will make it so personal